about us

T.G.K. TRADE CORP. is a local corporation that focuses on importing and selling products of foreign companies here in the Philippines. As of now, we manage collaboration with Korea CJ (Cheiljedang) Group as their exclusive reseller, and we also aiming other companies local and international. The company also exports quality local products to other countries.

We exploit quality manufacturers and suppliers who develop ingenious and top quality products, as we are committed to learn and understand our partner's business, products, and capabilities. To adds value to the development process.


  • Passion
  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Service
  • Dedication
Creating culture is what CJ does best.
CJ is at the forefront of spreading K-Culture,
influencing lifestyles worldwide.
CJ strives to be the best lifestyle company,
leading consumers worldwide to enjoy Korean
movies, food, TV shows, and music in their daily lives.
CJ values being "first, best, and different" in all aspects.
WIth the ONLYONE philosophy at heart, CJ continues to create
innovative products, services, systems, and businesses.

The three colors of CJ symbolize health, happiness, and convenience.

CJ, the world’s foremost lifestyle company, creates customers’ health, happiness, and convenience. CJ strives to fulfill its mission as the global lifestyle company that creates health, happiness, and convenience’ with four core business divisions such as Food & Food Service, Biotechnology, Entertainment & Media, and New Distribution. CJ’s blossom icon evokes the newly blossoming CJ as a flower in the world market, benefiting customers by fulfilling its mission to bring health, happiness and convenience.